Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Roses, Roses, and more Roses

I have to admit for a magazine lover that I am, I didn't know about Flea Market Style magazine. When I started browsing blogs, this magazine kept popping up everywhere!! So I got the number for the magazine and called wanting some back issues, unfortunately you have to order 15 copies. So I just waited until their newest issue to come out. Since roses are my favorite topic, I love their article on roses. I have been looking, and looking everywhere at my antique stores, and of course the Internet for original oil painting's. I have never found one I could afford!! I will keep hunting for my first one!! I wish I owned a huge collection of them like the cottage of the month for January!! If you haven't checked it out you should!! You will love it! Onto another subject thank you very much Shabby Kim, I took your advice and ordered Vintage Style from Cath Kidston. I'm sure I will love it!! Thank you very much for everyone's comment's I love to read them!!!


  1. It is such a beautiful magazine and I am pretty sure it is flying off the shelves ~ I had some on my website for about 2 days and they were all gone ~
    I love it ! I hope they do more ~

  2. Hi! I LOVE Flea Market Style magazine. The reason you can't get back issues is it's new. The issue you got was the very first- the premier issue! But people in Blogland have been talking about it in anticipation for many months. The magazine says they aren't sure if there will be more issues yet, but everyone seems to love it so hopefully the publisher will recognize that and we will all get more of this fabulous magazine! I love that article on rose paintings, too! I don't have any, but I would love to have a collection of them, also!!
    Michelle xoxo

  3. It's kind of a drag, but prices go up when demand goes up. Everyone who likes the vintage cottage look sees rose paintings in the magazines and books, and they go out looking for them, and up go the prices.

    Luck is the key here! It can happen, you just have to keep looking. The whole shabby chic thing made those alabaster lamps very popular..and I found a perfect condition large size one at a flea market a few years ago for FIVE DOLLARS!! Some young girl was trying to make a few bucks selling all her grandma's stuff, she had no idea what she had. And places like that are your best bet for good prices on rose paintings...out of the way fleas, thrift and junk stores, especially in more rural less "big money" towns. Garage sales are best,people just want to get rid of their stuff and make a quick buck... but you gotta get there before the vintage and antique store owners buy everything up. And of course, vintage and antique stores are going to be high everywhere!! :( I have almost always loved vintage,and the biggest curse was having it become so popular.


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