Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Master Bedroom

Today I would like to show you our bedroom. It still is not done, and I am just taking my time trying to buy the right items. I have bought 2 dresser's not happy with the first one so I sold it at our garage sale. Then I bought the one I have about a year ago and just gave it the white treatment. It needs to be painted again, and you'll see in the picture's some dark spots. The bed frame is actually my brother in law's he asked to leave it in our basement and my husband really liked it so we are using it for now. I would love to have a white headboard from Shabby Chic, but that probably won't happen. A girl could dream!!!

I have had the white chair for about 7 year's now, and the bottom part is not a slipcover so it's kind of beat up by the arm's. It's been through 2 boy's and some messy hands, but the rest of it is slip covered and looks great. The bedding is from ebay, etsy, garage sale, target, and home goods. There is my "R" pillow case, which I just love and it was only 9.99 for the both!!! The 2 pillow shams were 25 cents each, can you believe that!! The duvet is home goods, I believe I paid $39.99 for duvet, 2 shams, and 2 pillowcases. Then the bed skirt is Simply Shabby Chic.

It is so great we can decorate on a budget. If anyone is new to garage sales, because I actually am last summer was my first time ever going to garage sales, you must start going!!!! We are supposed to get some hot weather this weekend so maybe next week I will have some more garage sale goodies!!!!


  1. It's all SO SWEET, I love all the white and the way your vision has manifested!

    Thanks for the tips and sources, too.


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  2. i love it!!! its so gorgeous and peaceful!!!

  3. I love your white bedroom. It's really looking good.


  4. Love your bedroom so peaceful and that dresser is gorgeous! Bella

  5. White bedrooms always looks so lovely to me.... and I like the dark floors, makes the room grounded.

    Enjoy your Weekend*

  6. Your bedroom looks so relaxing and serene! I love your house and your blog! Have a great weekend!

  7. Your room is so pretty. I too have done most of my decorating from flea markets and thrift stores...I even have Shabby Chic items that I found this way, pillows, pillow shams, a throw, and a Simply Shabby Chic blanket. The blanket was from target, and I paid 20 dollars for that...everything else was less than five dollars.

    I wouldn't worry about not having a white bed...sometimes at least one piece of darker furniture adds some contrast and excitement to a room. Everything white can look dull sometimes. I also (and this is just me) would throw some color into that room, even if it is just a few pale pieces. I love white, but for some reason, I can't maintain it --- somehow, color just creeps back into my life.


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