Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My book collection

I have been browsing amazon to buy some more decorating books and remembering I saw someones blog, I can't remember who but they showed their book collection. So I thought I would show what I have. I would like to know what books that I don't have that I have to have. I'm looking for books that are very shabby, vintage, and I also love the cottage look too. I do have a large collection of magazines, especially Romantic Homes and I know they have put a couple of home decor books so I don't need those. I really like to order from amazon because their used and so affordable, like I find them at a thrift shop. I would love to hear some suggestions!! Thank you!!


  1. I am sorry I don't have any suggestions for your book collection. I am taking notes on what you have Nice Collection, I like shopping the used at amazon too! Bella

  2. Hi, I say heck yes!!! Love your book collection. I have a lot of French books but no shabby ones yet. My daughter's bedroom is shabby. So love it.
    I am following your blog and want to be friend. I am from Paris. A plus!

  3. HAHAHA your boys are so cute! Love the pictures!

  4. Fabulous collection of books you have. I have most but not all of the same ones. Some I have that I don't see in your pictures that you might enjoy are "Vintage Style" (Cath Kidston), "The Serene Home" (Ilene Paulen-Former editor of Romantic Homes)and "Timeless Treasures (Lauren Powell). Good luck on your search. Hope you find lots more good books to add to you lovely collection.

  5. What a coincidence! I just went through and rearranged my books today. I see many of the books that I own in your stack!! I love that!
    I also collect tons of decorating magazines, including my favorites, Romantic Country, Cottage Style, Romantic Homes, Victorian Country, and Victoria. They are my treasures and I go through them over and over and over again!
    I'll have to look at your stack again and see what I'm missing. I'll send you some names of ones that you do not have that I have and maybe you can find them on Amazon at a good price!
    ANDREA at My Feathered Nest

  6. I have quite a few of those books- wish I had them all!! What a great collection!

  7. I think I have almost all of those books too!
    I used to sit and look at them all the time, it seems like it's been forever!

  8. Pretty lamp. Looks like you & I suffer from BOOK LOVE! I have stacks of them too. Have a great weekend. Charlene


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