Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here are those pictures I got from Sylvia Cook. I just put them in those pink frames I got the other day and put them up on my mantle. It was hard to take picture of my mantle, and I really don't have a great camera, so the picture isn't that great!! But I thought I would show where I put the pictures.

I am also very excited this Saturday my husband is taking me into the city to the Morgan Library & Museum. Where there are showing the work of Jane Austen!!! There are showing more than one hundred of Jane's manuscripts, and personal correspondence. I am just so excited!! My husband is truly very sweet to take me, because I know it will bore him to death and it is day off!! Also so kind of my mom to watch the boy's so I have a day off!!! I am not sure if I can take picture's but if I can I will definitely post them next week!


  1. Wow, so cool that you actually found 2 of the same frames in the right size??
    I would have snatched those frames up too.

    Thanks for showing what the prints look like!
    And I love your room!

  2. Love the pink frames! I like your style so I'm signing up as a follower. Have a wonderful weekend.



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