Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Master Bedroom

Today I would like to show you our bedroom. It still is not done, and I am just taking my time trying to buy the right items. I have bought 2 dresser's not happy with the first one so I sold it at our garage sale. Then I bought the one I have about a year ago and just gave it the white treatment. It needs to be painted again, and you'll see in the picture's some dark spots. The bed frame is actually my brother in law's he asked to leave it in our basement and my husband really liked it so we are using it for now. I would love to have a white headboard from Shabby Chic, but that probably won't happen. A girl could dream!!!

I have had the white chair for about 7 year's now, and the bottom part is not a slipcover so it's kind of beat up by the arm's. It's been through 2 boy's and some messy hands, but the rest of it is slip covered and looks great. The bedding is from ebay, etsy, garage sale, target, and home goods. There is my "R" pillow case, which I just love and it was only 9.99 for the both!!! The 2 pillow shams were 25 cents each, can you believe that!! The duvet is home goods, I believe I paid $39.99 for duvet, 2 shams, and 2 pillowcases. Then the bed skirt is Simply Shabby Chic.

It is so great we can decorate on a budget. If anyone is new to garage sales, because I actually am last summer was my first time ever going to garage sales, you must start going!!!! We are supposed to get some hot weather this weekend so maybe next week I will have some more garage sale goodies!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A new mirror

Hello everyone I hope you had a nice weekend!!! Well I stumbled upon a tent sale this weekend while I was on my way to T.J.Maxx. This is actually one of my favorite antique store's in Clinton, NJ. I bought a few thing's back from there and I wrote about it the Blu Daisy. So anyway I pulled over right away and was so excited when I saw some beauties already from my car, hoping no one would touch them!!! Thankfully no one did!! I did find a beautiful rug, and a window panel with chippy white and pink paint!! But I will show that another day. Went inside to find some price's on some item's and was just browsing through the store and I found the perfect mirror for my bedroom!!!

See I have had an empty wall since I moved in this house over 2 year's ago. For me the price has to be good, which is not so easy to find. I did pay $49 for the mirror which I though was not so bad. I've seen this mirror before for like $80. It has a beautiful rose swag on top with chippy creamy white paint. I just love it and I hope you do too!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Living Room

Today I am showing you my living room. It is still a work in process. But most of it came from garage sales, and Ikea. My wicker chair, the big rose print on top of mantle, coffee table, and my big Rachel Aswell Shabby Chic pillow also came from a garage sale. You wouldn't believe what I paid for it. $1 yup that's right $1, and it also came with two other shabby chic pillows so for $3 I got 3 shabby chic pillows and the big insert pillow. The couch's are from Ikea, they wash really well, but not the most comfortable couch.
My dining room and living room are really just one big room. The living room is actually supposed to be one big living room, but I didn't like it set up that way. So my actual dining room is now the tv room. It is better that way. I can't imagine my boy's in my big pretty room watching tv with all of my good stuff.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Front Entrance

I was browsing other blogs today and I just love the blogs that showcase their home. I love seeing what people get and what they pay for their finds. But for me my absolute favorite is seeing how people decorate their homes. The first of every month I wake up and go to the The Old Painted Cottage to see who's cottage is of the month. So I just love how people decorate their homes, that explains all of my magazine's and decorating books.

I am going to show today the front entrance to my home. I have got a Dash and Albert rug. I actually got it for 30% off and I love that it can be washed. Then the table was a garage sale find. I do plan on painting it white just haven't done it yet so I just through a curtain over it. Another garage sale find is my wicker chair. I am very excited it seems like the garage sale season is starting. Maybe I will find another one this weekend.

Monday, March 22, 2010

We had such a beautiful weekend, I had to get out and go shopping!!! I went to a flea market this weekend, and brought home this pretty pink tablecloth!!! I didn't find anything else which was a bummer. But there is always a next time. I did find a garage sale that was selling some limoges, I will post another day what I got from there. So here is my newest find!!! Now I just need to have some company over for dinner!!
Then last weekend we went to the Goodwill thrift shop and came home with a Simply Shabby Chic balloon shade!!! I really did want this at target, but didn't want to spend the money. So this was $8. Not bad!! I also bought those green plates I posted in my favorite roses, those were 1/2 off and were a $1 a plate!! Thank you everyone for all of your comments!! I get so happy when I see people are reading and enjoying my blog!! Thank you!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shabby Mirror

I literally jumped for joy when I saw this mirror for sale at the antique store. It is perfect it is pink and has some blue coming through the front and on the side most of the pink paint is gone. I was with my mom when I got this, and she was like are you sure you want this?? Oh yeah I want this mirror!! It is just like the mirror in Rachel Ashwell's new book. I am so copying her right now with this mirror!! But I loved it when I saw it in her home. That was why I jumped for joy!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favorite Roses

It feels like spring today here in NJ!! With spring around the corner, I thought why not take some pictures of the roses around my home. I have quite a collection of rose prints, rose china, and rose fabric. So why not show off some of my favorites. Enjoy the beautiful weather everyone!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

For Other Purposes

I really like this plant stand, but am not very good at taking care of plants, so using it for that would not work for me. But I needed a shelf in my bathroom so I thought why not use it for that. Not sure if I like it yet, but it does the trick. Please let me know what you think.

I have been trying to look at things in another way to use them. I got this bottle holder and thought I know I can use this for something else. So I came up with a way of showing off some flowers. I could also put some nice big white candles in there too.
Also Katiesrosecottage is having a giveaway!! Please check it out!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jane Austen Exhibit

I was very fortunate today to visit The Morgan Museum and Library to see the Jane Austen exhibit. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take any photo's, but I took a photo of a picture that was online! It was very neat to see her actual handwriting. She has such beautiful handwriting.

Her original books that were published were on display, it just made me think what it must have been like to live in the 1800's. Well I am headed home now after the terrible storm we had.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi everyone!!! Thank goodness it is Friday!!!! I thought I would try something new I am joining Show and Tell at Romantic Home.blogspot.com today.

I am showing you today my favorite lamp. I saw and had to have it!!! I have never seen a lamp like this before. The roses are darker on the bottom and get lighter at the top. It is so pretty!! It is also sitting on my favorite table!! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here are those pictures I got from Sylvia Cook. I just put them in those pink frames I got the other day and put them up on my mantle. It was hard to take picture of my mantle, and I really don't have a great camera, so the picture isn't that great!! But I thought I would show where I put the pictures.

I am also very excited this Saturday my husband is taking me into the city to the Morgan Library & Museum. Where there are showing the work of Jane Austen!!! There are showing more than one hundred of Jane's manuscripts, and personal correspondence. I am just so excited!! My husband is truly very sweet to take me, because I know it will bore him to death and it is day off!! Also so kind of my mom to watch the boy's so I have a day off!!! I am not sure if I can take picture's but if I can I will definitely post them next week!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Roses, Roses, and more Roses

I have to admit for a magazine lover that I am, I didn't know about Flea Market Style magazine. When I started browsing blogs, this magazine kept popping up everywhere!! So I got the number for the magazine and called wanting some back issues, unfortunately you have to order 15 copies. So I just waited until their newest issue to come out. Since roses are my favorite topic, I love their article on roses. I have been looking, and looking everywhere at my antique stores, and of course the Internet for original oil painting's. I have never found one I could afford!! I will keep hunting for my first one!! I wish I owned a huge collection of them like the cottage of the month for January!! If you haven't checked it out you should!! You will love it! Onto another subject thank you very much Shabby Kim, I took your advice and ordered Vintage Style from Cath Kidston. I'm sure I will love it!! Thank you very much for everyone's comment's I love to read them!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Some new goodies

Just another little find at the antique store. I think I will put this on my mantle.
I got these frames at the antiques store and I am going to use them for those pictures I got at etsy. I'll post another day with them on my mantle.

I just got these in the mail yesterday!! I got these from ebay and I had to have them!! They have the letter R!! How perfect for me!!

My husband was actually at a thrift shop for the kids and came home and surprised me with these tea cups and saucers! He thought that I would like these and figured what the heck they are only $1 each. Usually he doesn't even bother, knowing I am very picky. But these are sweet! I really did like them. I usually buy antique china, so I really don't know anything about this brand

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My book collection

I have been browsing amazon to buy some more decorating books and remembering I saw someones blog, I can't remember who but they showed their book collection. So I thought I would show what I have. I would like to know what books that I don't have that I have to have. I'm looking for books that are very shabby, vintage, and I also love the cottage look too. I do have a large collection of magazines, especially Romantic Homes and I know they have put a couple of home decor books so I don't need those. I really like to order from amazon because their used and so affordable, like I find them at a thrift shop. I would love to hear some suggestions!! Thank you!!