Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Kitchen

Hello everyone!!!! I hope you are having a great morning!! I wanted to show you my kitchen today!! I kept it pretty simple. I really am not a purple person but funny I have it in my kitchen today not realizing it until I looked at the photos. One of my favorite flowers are lilacs, and lilac candles are my absolute favorite scent. My kitchen aid mixer was a anniversary gift, I wanted a white one but my husband got me a used one for a $100 at William Sonoma. So it was no mixer or this light blue one. I said mixer, thank you very much!!

The light fixture is a Lowe's purchase, I am still looking for a nice antique one,until then I have this one. I also really need another kitchen table. This one is from Ikea and it was perfect until I can replace it with something nice and used!! I really prefer everything to be old, or something I can just paint. I always rather buy something used. I look at it as recycling!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Garage Sale finds

This saturday Hackettstown, NJ had their town wide garage sales. There was so many garage sales, it was exhausting!! By 1 o'clock if you didn't get there early there was not much left. So I got some great stuff. I got a box of ironstone for $10 and it had 7 dinner plates, which were all in great condition, and 7 saucers, 7 dessert plates and 1 mug. The saucers were not in good shape, but that's ok I will use them as candle holders. Then I got 2 ironstone platters for $3 and 1 pitcher for $1. Not all the ironstone is in the picture, I am washing the rest of them.

Then I got the table decorating book for $1. The antique painting was $5 and not sure if it is a oil painting, but it definitely is old. I have to get used to it, it is very dark. And the other rose print was $2 it's not antique but for $2 I got it anyway, I thought it was pretty. I got more stuff to I got a shower curtain, it was in pottery barn package and was so excited it was $2 but it ended up being a nautica shower curtain. It was still a nice shower curtain. I also got a cute quilt, and my boy's got some nice stuff too!! I would love to know if anyone else got some nice garage sale finds too, please let me know!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My new tray!!

I just loooove tole ware trays!!! They are one of my absolute favorite thing's to collect right now. This is one is the same artist as my light blue/green tray. The light blue/green tray is a gift from my parent's. They are so good to me they are always buying me something, thank you mom and dad!!! The light blue/green tray is my favorite!!! I received the yellow one in the mail this week from thepetitemarket please check out their etsy shop, there are some really great thing's for sale.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Country Living Bedrooms Book

I believe this is from Shabby Chic dvd, but not 100% positive. But is Shabby Chic written all over it !!!

I have that planter I bought and used in the bathroom, and I posted it. I am not using it in there I am going to Lowe's tonight and picking me up some ivy and using it in my room like that!!! I love it!!!

I have to show my new book!!! I was waiting for my son at homegoods to finish looking a books, they had Diary of a Wimpy Kid so I knew it could be a while. But I found this book. I love their magazine's and their other home decorating books, but I didn't know about this one. Just showing you some pictures in the book, but you need to go out and buy it, you will after you see some of these bedrooms. I checked on amazon and their are a couple more for your bathroom , and kitchen, and living room. They are Easy Transformations. I am ordering the living room one. I hope you enjoyed the book!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Before and After

I got this buffet server a while ago and I was finally able to put it into the dining room. I wasn't sure if it fit right in between the window's but I think it works, which was my husband's idea. I love when you change it and you love it. Don't you love it, when you buy something and your really pleased with your result's!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Downstair's Bathroom

Hello everyone!! I'm showing today my downstairs bathroom. I kept it pretty simple, keeping it mostly white. Even the floors are white, which my husband did not like. But he knew he couldn't argue this one with me, because I'm the one who cleans the house!!!! It was hard for me to take a good picture of the window so it is darker than the rest. I hope everyone is having a beautiful spring like we are having here in NJ!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I had mentioned the other day I went to a tent sale and was so excited to come home with a rug, and a window panel. I actually didn't buy them that day. I had to think about them, so I called the next day to see if the rug and window panel were sold and there were not. I was relieved they didn't sell, because they really belonged to me!!! I couldn't believe I passed them up, what was I thinking!! I do that sometimes!! I actually really needed a runner for the sliding door, which was why I was like what are thinking you need that rug and the rug was only $20!!!

The window panel was $5 and I like it up on the mantle for now. It is pink on the other side too!!! I also really love old vintage hat boxes, but have not ever found one. But I did on Saturday, and I love it!!! I love the colors and love that it is vintage. Now just where to put it??