Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Downstair's Bathroom

Hello everyone!! I'm showing today my downstairs bathroom. I kept it pretty simple, keeping it mostly white. Even the floors are white, which my husband did not like. But he knew he couldn't argue this one with me, because I'm the one who cleans the house!!!! It was hard for me to take a good picture of the window so it is darker than the rest. I hope everyone is having a beautiful spring like we are having here in NJ!!


  1. Lovely, simple design~ so restful!

  2. Very simple & elegant :) I'm lovin' that pink cabinet!!

  3. That's very pretty, I think it's good to keep smaller bathrooms light and simple:)

  4. Oh I love shabby chic too! What great ideas and beautiful things you have. You seem to have very similar thing to mine. Just found you today and I am looking forward to more!


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