Monday, April 19, 2010

Country Living Bedrooms Book

I believe this is from Shabby Chic dvd, but not 100% positive. But is Shabby Chic written all over it !!!

I have that planter I bought and used in the bathroom, and I posted it. I am not using it in there I am going to Lowe's tonight and picking me up some ivy and using it in my room like that!!! I love it!!!

I have to show my new book!!! I was waiting for my son at homegoods to finish looking a books, they had Diary of a Wimpy Kid so I knew it could be a while. But I found this book. I love their magazine's and their other home decorating books, but I didn't know about this one. Just showing you some pictures in the book, but you need to go out and buy it, you will after you see some of these bedrooms. I checked on amazon and their are a couple more for your bathroom , and kitchen, and living room. They are Easy Transformations. I am ordering the living room one. I hope you enjoyed the book!!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing! Just beautiful!!

  2. Sooo pretty. Show us some pictures of your ivy filled planter:)
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  3. So Gorgeous! That planter at the foot of the bed with the ivy...I have just the one! I am inspired! Thanks for the visit, Karen


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