Monday, February 28, 2011

Shabby armoire

Hello everyone!!! We have had our home repainted these past few weeks, I'm not done decorating my bedroom but I wanted to show you my latest purchase from the antique store. It's a armoire, I believe it is. It has a shelf and a rod for hanging clothes in it, but I actually use it to put my boxes, and boxes of memories. I have a box for each of my boys of clothes from the hospital and art work, and just a ton of pictures.

It's actually a brownish color it's not pink though it looks like it from the picture's. It has a beautiful green paint underneath and it has chipped off beautifully. This armoire is a gift from my father he was at the store with me and bought it for me. Thank you dad!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

living room changes

Hello!!! It's been forever since I've been on my blog!! It's been a crazy busy and a very cold winter! I hope everyone is doing well! I have to say there are just so many amazing blogs out there!! I sometimes cant make up my mind what style do I like best?? Do you get like that? There is just SO much talent. I'm just loving the farmhouse look! But I always gravitate to white, and as soon as I see Rachel Ashwell's blog, I know I just love shabby chic! Having said that, I changed my down stair's a little bit.

I've picked up some pieces at my favorite store Salvaged Goods, which is the oval mirror and the white urn, green shutter,and the white mirror. The price's are always very reasonable, so I can't pass them up! I'm having my whole inside repainted soon, I can't wait!