Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Girls Dresser

I got this at a garage sale, and I was thinking for my dining room. But it was after I bought it, the lady told me it was her daughter's dresser. So my question is does this look like a dresser? Does this work as a hutch for my dining room? I am anxiously waiting for the garage sale season to start so I can find some new goodies to paint. I did however found it painted white. That was a plus. So please let me know what you think.


  1. It's a tricky one isn't it, the drawers suggest bedroom but hey, drawers are a great place to stack plates, dining room linen, cutlery and maybe heaps else given enough thought. Use it where you want I say! It sure is pretty.

  2. It's really sweet! I think it looks like at one time to be a dresser for a little girl, only because my best friend had something similar when I was growing up in the 70's. The top part was for books. You did a good job painting it, and it looks adorable1 Marcia

  3. It looks stunning with all your china in it. If it makes you happy then love it .. Most side bars are just drawers anyway. To put silverware and tablecloths in..

  4. Hi -
    Great blog - beautiful china and silver flatware, love it all.

    I think you will love having so many drawers in the dining room for linens and table dressings. I keep my old silver that I use all the time in the top drawer - I ripped out the silver cloth inners of an old flatware chest and put it in the drawer so they stay stacked and organized.

    It works and the silver stays nice and ready to use all the time.


  5. Cute blog you have.. I'm Kim and I too love anything Shabby Chic. I'll be back to visit. Come visit me @ Shabby, Pink & Pretty.

  6. Kim,
    I would vote for it to be in the Dining Room. You can always leave one of the drawers open a bit with a nice piece of lace draped so that it is hanging out of the drawer.

  7. Hi, I'm Holly and I saw you over at Kim's Shabby Pink and Pretty blog! I think this piece you found is awesome and it can be whatever you want it to be! ♥

  8. Hi Rebecca, I have awarded you a Kreativ Blogger award, come here to get it.


  9. I love those dishes! Is that a pattern that is still sold or did you find all of them at a garage sale/thrift store?


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