Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amazing Photography

I was browsing etsy, not planning on buying anything until i came across these prints. They are done by Vintage Chic Images, and the photographers name is Sylvia Cook. She has so many amazing prints to pick from, I would have ordered all of them!! But I ordered two of them and I am showing these picture's today. I hope you get the chance to stop by!!! I bet you can't order just one!


  1. Thanks Rebecca for posting my prints. By the looks of your beautiful home, they will fit right in! You love the same style that I do:)

    I'd love to see them on your walls after they are framed!

    My etsy shop is:

    You might also like following my nature blog, it's called Inspirations:

  2. Those are really beautiful! I can't wait to stop by her shop and she what else she has! Thanks for telling us about her!

    Kat :)


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