Friday, October 1, 2010

Some shot's around the home this morning

Hello everyone!! Hope everyone has been well. We have had some craziness lately, like a broken elbow, and a husband away in England, and Scotland for almost 2 weeks. He is back and now and I can have a little break before work today. My 5 year old fell off the monkey bars and landed on his elbow and broke it. Of course the day after my husband left for his trip it went downhill quickly. Also this past week I celebrated my 10 year anniversary!! My husband was super romantic, surprised me with a babysitter, took me out to a nice restaurant and had a dozen white roses waiting for me at the table! I loved it!!

For today just a shot of the beautiful roses, and some shots of the living room. I also had not shown before our family room. Just a room for us to gather and watch tv and hang out. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I love your white roses, so sweet! I also love your diningroom chairs!
    I do hope your little one is doing much better, myself I never liked the monkey bars when my children were little, always afraid they would fall.


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