Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures and a Antique Find

Hello everyone I hope you are having a great summer!! I have been going to alot of garage sales and thought I would share some items I bought and have put in my bedroom, including a amazing Simply Shabby Chic king size quilt I purchased for $7 and that includes the 2 shams!!! It was in amazing condition. The lady I got it from told me it was a full size quilt. When I put it on my bed I was amazed to find it was actually a KING!!! I also got a old white basket from a antique store for $6 and another tole tray!! I love it! It's a brown background with pretty pink roses with touches of green.

The Shabby Chic pillow in between was also from a garage sale last year for $1 and that included the pillow insert. The little pink rug is also a garage sale find for $5 and its from pottery barm kids. It absolutely amazes me what I find for my home and my family at garage sales. I even get my husband involved which makes it a fun family thing to do.


  1. Garage sales are like treasure just don't know what you will find. You also get twice as much for your money...who could pass that up? Your treasures are awesome! The quilt and pillows!!!

  2. Wow that is amazing that you found that at a garage sale ~~ What a great deal !!

  3. Fantastic! Love it all AND amazed at the prices!! Great score!

  4. great finds!!! what luck, I dont think garage sales here have that good of taste!!!
    kate :)

  5. Gorgeous! You have been so lucky to find such amazing bargains!!!

  6. I hear you, garage sales are the best, at least the ones I go to. Boy did you get a deal on the king size quilt and shams.... It just makes you want to go out again looking for more great bargain every week.. Be careful you don't become a hoarder. haha

    Take Care*

  7. Ooh, how pretty. You done good, really good.

    Your bedroom is so sweet and pretty. I could get comfortable in there real easily.


  8. Your finds are fabulous..Nothing like a bargain to make a girl happy!!

  9. Wow, whhat great finds. I have that same shabby chic quilt. I thought i got it for a good deal on sale at Target.


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