Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just some new Item's

Hello everyone! I got a few thing's last week and a beautiful tablecloth at a garage sale last month for an amazing 50 cents!! It had some stains but I got them mostly out by using shoutand lot's scrubbing but I got them out. Last week I just had my 4 year old with me and my older son was with my parent's for the WHOLE week, it was amazingly quiet. But anyway I took him to some of my favorite antique store's and I found a beautiful curtain panel. It looks like a print on bark cloth fabric, but it's not it's a sheer fabric. I do planning on putting it up but for now I'm just throwing it over my coffee table. I love, love it!!!
Ok I am absolutely obsessed with tole tray's. I love finding them. I found this one on ebay, and received it just the other day. I hung it up in my dining room above the buffet. I just used those Velcro sticky thing's you can get from 3m they work great.


  1. You have certainly collected some beautiful things - imagine the tablecloth for 50c. How wonderful. I'll be popping back for ideas as we are about to begin a remodel on our house to a more Frenchy look..:D

  2. Back again! I see you're Elinor Dashwood too! Also, if you are planning on visiting my blog, I actually have 4, and you'd probably be most interested in my Paris blog:

    Hope to see you there, or at one of my other blogs..:D


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