Monday, June 7, 2010

Posh on Palm (The Cat's Meow)

Hello everyone!!! I have been away on vacation and was just being lazy before I left to blog and lazy afterwards to blog. But I just got home this past Tuesday and needed a vacation from the vacation. But I have some wonderful pictures to show. We drove to Florida to go to Disney world then off to Sarasota, FL to go see Posh on Palm. They changed their name from The Cat's Meow. I also had the chance to meet the owner Suzie Holt. What an incredibly sweet person, I was so excited to meet her.

Posh on Palm is a beautiful store. Everything is just stunning, I used my husband's cell phone for picture's since of course my camera's batteries died as I get to the store. I could have spent hours in there but couldn't I had three boys waiting for me. I did end up buying a really shabby table and a candle holder. I wanted much more but we were driving home with all our luggage so my husband was able to squeeze a table in there for me. I will show the table in the store and in my home. I will have more picture's tomorrow.


  1. Glad you are back:) I had thought they changed their name. Great pictures, such a cozy chair.
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  2. OMG! I would love to go to that store and if I am ever in their neck of the woods, I'll be sure and go and spend hours. Yummy.

    Thanks for the photos.


  3. Thanks for the photos!! So looking forward to getting there one day ~ my f-i-l winters in Venice! Of course I will pop in to visit Mickey too!

  4. Oh how lucky you were to be able to visit that fabulous store!! I'm JEALOUS!! :) I've seen pictures in magazines that I have, and have drooled over all her gorgeous items. Can't wait to see the table you purchased!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  5. What a truly beautiful and inspiring place to shop!!! Can't wait to see what you brought home!

  6. Hi.. My husband has been home on vacation, and went back to work today. I feel I need a vacation from his vacation :-) What a gorgeous store, a perfect place to spend an afternoon!

  7. Wow! I'm so in love with the chair and sofa and pillows!!! Gorgeous!!

  8. Love all the pics...Great eye candy...Lezlee

  9. Hi there,
    Cat's Meow used to be where I live - Ellenton, FL..I LOVE that store and was sad to see them leave. But looking forward to visiting their new location which is not that far away. I purchased an Antique Bedroom set from them last year. You are right, Suzie is sweet as sugar. I love your purchase.


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